Health Fund Information

We will  itemize your treatment to facilitate your claims to the insurer as per the ADA Schedule of Services item numbers. Using our on-site Hicaps terminal we are able to process your insurance cover to allow immediate reimbursement of any rebates that your fund pays so that you only have to pay the difference between what your fund covers and the actual fee.

Private Health Funds have various levels of insurance coverage. Not all health fund products are the same and rebates are generally related to the level of cover or premium you pay. Many of them have rebates under two basic forms of insurance:

1) General ancillary cover which may cover many general dental treatments. 

2) Major dental cover which covers most specialist procedures.

The Private Health funds control the premiums and the rebates that are provided to you. It is rare that a Health Fund will cover the full cost of a treatment. Some funds restrict payments for certain ADA scheduled item numbers or have their own rules that restrict rebates based on the timing of treatment. The ADA has noted that unfortunately many health funds have raised their premiums over the years much faster than they have raised their rebates.

We strongly recommend that you check with your health fund regarding the levels of cover and the rebates you will receive before you proceed with treatment. To facilitate your enquiries with your Health Fund our friendly staff will provide you with an itemized treatment plan that you can use to obtain a rebate estimate from you fund.